Outreach - Share the Hope Benefit Concerts




* Encourage and deepen the interaction of individuals within the host organization.


* Enormous awareness potential for your church/organization within your local community.

* Promote the development of relationships within local communities between individuals, community businesses and the larger host organization.

* Experience the shared joy of serving God’s people outside the church walls through a practical approach to local ministry.

*Work with a professional team to help organize and grow your ministry: a marketing event manager, a professional recording artist and evangelism advisors within the WELS—all working together to Share the Hope.




A professional recording artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike Westendorf’s compelling lyrics touch the hearts of listeners, including the audience as he shares the story of God’s faithfulness in concert.


Mike is a versatile Christian artist who has the unique ability to relate to audiences of all ages. He’s comfortable performing as an acoustic soloist, with an additional musician or two or joined by his full band.


Depending on your musical preference, community goals and budget, we can tailor a Share The Hope event to meet the outreach goals of your church or organization.





Mike wants to bring Share the Hope to as many churches as possible. STH events include Mike and usually a 4 piece band, an event coordinator and public relations coordinator and a WELS representative for followup.  In order to take care of the costs we do ask churches to commit financially to investing in this event so that we can do the best job possible. If finances are an issue, we have creative ideas to help. From sponsors to extended tour support, we can work with you. Please call for more information (414-507-8250).  Contact us Today



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