Inspired to Share the Hope and Joy of Christ

One of the ways to translate the word inspire is to "Breathe Into".  I love that picture because for many of us, it feels like we're always out of breath or we lack the energy to live life with a sense of joy and purpose.  For all of us, we know what it means to feel tired and worn out.  We strive to find some sense of peace in the face of violence and hope in the face of the constant barrage of negative news, often driving people to find ways to numb the frustration and anxiety.

And yet, the God of the bible is in the business of breathing life into the dead and dying spaces of our lives. It is what the Christian celebrates in the cross of Christ and what the truth of the Resurrection brings.  You were made for a complete relationship with the God who loves you, who longs to hold you, to save you not just for a few good years on earth, but for all time.  And not just you, but all people and he wants to inspire you to bring that life to others. 

There is no promise that it will be easy, in fact usually the opposite, that life in this world will be a struggle. But in this Easter season we are reminded that Jesus picked up "the cross" for the JOY that was set before him.  The joy to call you his son, his daughter, for all time.   A Peace and Hope and Joy that circumstance cannot take away and the realization that you can LIVE forever with and through him.  That means that your life matters, your circumstances matter, your future matters... because your eternity matters.  And not just yours, but the lives of the people you know.  He now hands the baton to you and says "for the joy set before YOU, will you pick up your cross, will you allow me to use your weaknesses and your wounds, your scars and your triumphs - to point people to Jesus?  That they may know the hope and peace and joy that you have for all time?

This music and ministry exists to breathe the hope and joy of Christ into the lives of those who hear it and are impacted by what God does through it.  To him alone be the Glory, and to you and me may there be joy, peace and above all a Hope that endures!  -  Mike

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I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations!  - Psalm 89:1-4