Mike is the founder and director of Awake and Alive, a Christian event that serves the 18-25 generation in SE Wisconsin.  In relationship with his home congregation of St. Paul's Lutheran in Muskego, WI and with the support of The Point of Grace Milwaukee Campus Ministry and the Antioch Foundation, Mike and his team have hosted 14 events over the past 4 years including a two day Awake and Alive Conference January 2018.  Mike is passionate about the importance of inspiring young men and women to Know, Own and Make Known the gift of God's grace in this transitional time of life.  And not only young men and women, but also the older generations that have experienced so many moments of God's faithfulness - to share those stories between the generations.  

The prayer of Awake and Alive is rooted in Ephesians chapter 3 for our everyone in the identity shaping time of life that we call the 18-25 generation.  Standing on the three pillars to "KNOW the gift of Grace, OWN the gift of Grace and MAKE KNOWN the gift of Grace, we hope to inspire and encourage young adults to find the ultimate peace, joy and hope in Christ. 

For anyone in the 18-25 generation that believes in the importance of Christian community, encouragement and inspiration, and for those older generations helping lead young adult ministries, you don't want to miss these events.

Our next 2 day conference is coming January 4th and 5th 2019. 

Our next Summer Group is June 9th in Muskego, WI.  For details visit:

w w w . a w a k e a l i v e . c o m