We would all agree that if we are going to communicate with a different kind of people group that don’t speak our language, visual expressions will only get us so far.  While it is true that visuals are a big part of communication and are extremely helpful if you don’t know the language, we also know that the content of the conversation makes all the difference in avoiding confusion and getting to a quicker understanding.  Those words are important...

Entertaining worship can be a negative thing when the focus is not on God and that is always the danger when people stand up and speak/sing for God regardless of the worship setting.  But when our focus is on Jesus and when leaders understand their roles and can lead with servant leadership and confident humility, well let’s just say I hope everything we do entertains people for his sake!

In all my experiences in WELS worship settings, the difference between performance and worship is involvement.  Some of this involvement is directly tied to the way that the contemporary band or the choir or even the organist leads.  If they lead with a clear expectation that the people have a voice, and then work to create space for that voice to be heard, then we move from performance to involvement.  For some people, simply listening is enough

The people that you consider friends… why do you consider them friends?  There is a level of shared experience that you have had together.  Good times, bad times, quiet times, fun times etc…  You have stories to tell because you were doing life in the company of others and you experienced it together.  Think about the relationships that have been deteriorating in your life.  Consider the quality of the shared experiences you have together or the lack of these experiences.  They have a direct bearing on the quality and depth of your relationship....

One of the big conversations that happens behind the scenes of many churches when it comes to the topic of worship “style” is just who worship is actually for.  Logically, if you do not have a relationship with Jesus, then you cannot actually praise God for what he has done.  The bible is full of passages that talk about the babble of pagans, even if they are of a religious type when they do not acknowledge the one true God.  The logic goes that worship is for people...

...you got up early, you got dressed reasonably nice.  You might have showered and combed your hair.  And you probably worked really hard to get the kids dressed and out the door on time.  But WHY did you come?  What did you hope would happen?  What did you hope to give?   What did you hope to receive?  When the final benediction was said and the final hymn was sung, how did you hope to leave?

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