But there is another reason to gather in worship and that is the Common Unity that we have by being alive in Christ. We may be very different, have different likes and dislikes, skin colors, ethnic backgrounds, and economic realities. But at the foot of the cross, all are equally needy, all are equally redeemed and that common reality gives us the common ground that we need for true Community. 

If you've grown up around church, this is the one thing that we are encouraged to "invite" people to. Worship is what we encourage people to commit to. We teach "going to church" to our young kids, we drag our older tired teenagers, we sometimes bribe our friends to come with us and for many it really is something we look forward to, but... WHY?

My heart hurt.  I had a chance to walk with a couple of individuals who had a heart for sharing Jesus through an alternative worship service at their local church.  The traditional service had become difficult to connect to for them and for people they

I love what my WELS Pastors have instilled in me about the worship life of the church.  The simplicity of worship in a corporate setting (and even a personal one) always starts with God.  In its simplest form, Worship is: God’s coming to us (in word and sacrament) and his people respond to him and to one another about him.

She was a broken woman in search for something to quench that unrelenting thirst.  Like a person who is always thirsty, there just isn’t enough to fully satisfy or to last much more than a day.  Coming during the heat of the day, when others might not ridicule her, she made her way to a well to get what she needed to quench her thirst.  Except that on this occasion she would meet a man...

Worship is sacred.  It is divine.  It is solemn.  Worship should be what I think is best.  Worship should be what we’ve always done.  Worship should be different.  Worship is boring.  Worship doesn’t speak to me.  Worship is what we do on Sunday.  Worship is… 

I’m not here to say that traditional is bad or irrelevant.  I’m not even going to say that one is better than the other. But I will say that, depending on the circumstances, one will be better than the other for your context and I hope a look at some of these words will help people in the traditional camp see the value of contemporary/blended and modern worship settings when they are done well and that the other camps will also be reminded of the significant history within the church and to see and appreciate what traditional liturgical worship adds to the Christian community and to the glory of God and the story of his Grace.

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my favorite definitions that I’ve been given of worship from my Lutheran Pastors is a simple way to understand it.  Worship is God coming to us and his people respond – to him and to one another about him.  One of our realities is that we were all created to worship, to esteem something, to “worth” something and to serve it with our time and attention and respond to it.  We were perfectly wired for this in creation as only

As I’ve had a chance to tour around the country and talk about and help lead worship in a number of different worship service settings and buildings, I have to say that the topic of communication is one of the most important ideas of “Accessible Worship”.  At the end of the day, what we are talking about is making the peace and joy of the Gospel message, accessible to all people without changing or watering down the biblical message that sinners need a Savior and Jesus is the only one that can bring us to life.  Communicating this message

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