A summer community group for the 18-25 generation in SE Wisconsin

First organizational meeting THIS SUNDAY - 7pm April 27th

@ the Trinity Cafe on the grounds of St. Paul's Lutheran in Muskego, WI

S66 W14325 Janesville Rd Muskego, WI

"Lord, make me awake to who I am in Jesus!  Lord, make me alive to the plans and purposes of God in and through my life right here and now, for Jesus sake". 

This meeting will be the initial meeting and we invite anyone with this prayer for the generation of 18-25 year olds in our families, communities and churches to come and be part of the conversation as we unpack the purpose and hopes for this endeavor this summer. This meeting is open to anyone with a heartbeat for this generation of young men and women and to our young people who are asking God to continue walking with them and their friends.

Whether you are a student, newly married, working for a living, single, living at home, going to a 4 year college, grad school, trade school... if you are part of the 18-25 generation we want this to be a great place for you to dig deep into what God is doing in our lives.

First Meeting Sunday April 27th @ 7pm

Awake and Alive 2014 Summer Group Sessions

Sunday June 8th @ 7pm

Sunday July 13th @ 7pm

Sunday August 10th @ 7pm


Thanks for stopping by the website today.  We will have new updates on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the new CD project "Songs We Carry".  We'll be introducing that in May as we hope to draw that project to a close and get some more new music out this fall!